Sep 29, 2011

Magical Blog Award!

 Gustatus Similis Pullus is thrilled to receive the

Magical Blog Award 

by Artist and Writer Deirdra Eden Coppel at A Storybook World .   

Deirdra is a fresh new author with a strong voice and a passion for creative marketing in a changing literary world. She works full time as a professional writer and illustrator. In 2009 she began creating animation for e-books.

For more information visit her art gallery at

Thank you, Deirdra, for this award!  We're honored!

Sep 27, 2011

Five Chances to Win!

Goodreads Book Giveaway

Slow Boat to Purgatory by Vernon Baker

Slow Boat to Purgatory

by Vernon Baker

Giveaway ends October 25, 2011.
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Sep 25, 2011


     The mole scurried back under the garbage bin clutching a limp brown cucumber peeling. 
     Smokey stretched, eying him from his perch atop the bin, but the stretch was the only effort the cat had any intention of expending. The mole was too scrawny, more bone than than meat.

     A loud crash spun Smokey's head toward the back yard.  Smoke billowed and curled, and the cat hackled. Fear clutched what was left of his black heart and he leapt to the ground.   He sidled along the fence toward the hollering and clamor, alert to likely danger manufactured by the beastly children. 
     The mole peeked out, sniffed, and scuttled back to the safety of his lair.
     Smokey slunk, ears up and whiskers testing.  A piece of smoldering cardboard floated through the air, dropping charred chunks hither and yon.  Hollering turned to delighted laughter as another resounding boom echoed.
     "Aim it away from the house!" 
     "I tried.  It flipped over."
     Smokey peered through the broken slat.  Three grubby boys gathered 'round a piece of plywood balanced on crooked sawhorses.  One taped a soda bottle to a fresh piece of cardboard, taking care not to cover the short fuse stemming from the bottle's neck. 
     This wasn't going to end well.  Smokey quickly retreated, seeking refuge under the overgrown shrubs encroaching the rotting front steps.  As he disappeared into the swale he had a quick vision of the mole disappearing beneath the bin.  He dismissed it -  it wasn't the same thing at all.

Sep 21, 2011

More Questions

Maine Coon Cats, like Patters, share DNA with the Norwegian Forest Cat. Did the modern day breed originate with trans-Atlantic travel thousands of years ago? Did cats return with the Red Paint People?