Jan 2, 2010

Noctivagus II

The wind whipped up again making it impossible to hear the noises of the night. Or maybe it wasn't the wind. The old ones in the area discussed it in low tones. Children whispered about it at night, trying to frighten each other. Some said it devoured flesh. Some said it consumed souls. All were wrong.

She sidled out of the light, pressing her back to the wall of the house so hard the edges of the shingles dug into her skin.

Edging along, slowly, listening, her eyes strained through the darkness for any indication she should reverse direction and flee back.

She eyed the truck. A chasm of vulnerability stretched between her and it.

Crouching low into the shadow of a bush, she took a deep breath, ready to
bolt, when a hand gripped her shoulder, fingers digging in painfully to stop her, to warn her. Her heart almost exploded. She struggled to fight, but the hand restrained her with an unbelievable strength. Forcing herself to look up, her eyes met an old face.

"Watch!" He hissed.

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