Feb 8, 2010

Packing My Bags

The world is just an amazing and wondrous place. Different regions host a spectrum of unique species among plants, animals. Mineral combinations from natural resources flavor water. Every region is a miraculous mix of chemistry that gives birth to things which are entirely unique. It is brimming with diversity on every level, all breathtakingly beautiful, and shaping exciting cultures.

Where am I headed with this? The dinner table. Silly.

I consider myself very well traveled - in a palatal sort of way.

Stepping offshore into cold, fast waters of the Northern Atlantic we find succulent fish and shellfish. Pass the lemon, please.

And look, there's Switzerland, hard ahead. Must be fate, so maybe some chocolate. While we're right here. Yep, good. A little pick me up to scamper around Northern Europe on a merry chase, picking up meats and cheeses. France, Germany, Austria, Hungary - one can go round and round in gastronomic circles in Europe, but make no mistake - I am making my way to the Mediterranean. Italy, Spain, Greece. Some fresh pasta, more lemons, maybe some tomatoes and artichokes for a sauce for the fish. And more wine to compare to what I got in France.

Huh. I missed England. Oh, well. Probably should've plotted a course .... eating some chocolate .... perhaps Turkey, and then north to Russia to work my way towards the Pacific. Many undiscovered regional delights between here and there.....swallow.....this may take a while......

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