Feb 2, 2012

Pux This

     I'm not a morning person.
     Imagine being jarred from a deep sleep, no snooze button to ease one's journey-suffering- through the layers of consciousness. Ripped by the scruff from your warm bed with no warning, and held aloft in front of thousands of eager faces. In the cold.
    Imagine it. For a moment. 
    It's not okay.
    So there I was, with a stiff in a silly hat studying the ground for evidence of sun. Now maybe something has changed since I went to sleep, but last I checked the sun was in the sky. In a place called Gobbler's Knob.
    Gobbler's Knob. 
    Shouldn't we have Gobbler out here, then? Looking for his knob's shad--maybe not. Never mind.
    But I digress. The real question is, how did I got dragged into this? It was originally called Candlemas Day. Happy Candlemas Day. Sounds Lovely. Who made the leap to Ground Hog day? Go on, follow that bouncing ball.
    Six more weeks. Happy? May I go back to bed now?

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