Jun 20, 2013

The Summer Solstice approaches. Are you worried where the Rune Stone is? You should be ...

“Suffice it to say they performed a magical ceremony involving a sacrifice,” Agnes said, making exaggerated eye contact with each of the three oldest kids. “But something went horribly wrong, as things tend to do when you go against the laws of nature, and they became .... well, they became parasites, really. Their very lives were dependent upon existing off others. “Literally,” the crow stressed, “existing off others. I’ll let Camedon explain the details of that to you later.” Again, she looked pointedly at Flora.
“Because of the magic they’d dallied with, they took on some of the traits of the Dwarves, and were forced to seek refuge in the earth. No longer could they walk in the sunlight without pain ... death, even. But they weren’t truly earth dwellers either; so, they became night creatures, able to be above ground after sunset, but seeking the solace of the earth during the day.”
“You know what they sound like?!” Jack exclaimed.
“Yes, Jack.” Agnes nodded. “That is exactly what they are.” 

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