Jan 25, 2011

That Squiggly Red Line Should Be Telling You Something

     Author forward: A little venting, but bear with me - there's humor here.
     Five years ago we built a house. A beautiful house. We planned and considered for a long time, and thorough research went into every decision - especially the windows and doors.
     We finally picked the ones we thought were the right ones, finished the house, and moved in. Those were happy days.
     Yes, days.
     We soon discovered most of the windows and doors leaked, and spent the next five years trying to get the company who made them and the business from whom we purchased the units to do the right thing. Five miserable years. Finally they did ... kindasortamaybe. They replaced some units, and eventually we settled on a half fix to be done with the whole miserable mess.
     Or so we thought ... until a cold January night a year later. The children were in bed, the Jets had just lost the AFC championship to the Steelers; all seemed right with the world.
     A loud SNAPPPPPP reverberated throughout the house, destroying the peace of the evening. Our investigation revealed a pane of glass in one of the French door units had shattered from the cold. Fortunately, it was the outside pane, and the inside was still intact. Still. .. . not a great feeling. It was zero out.
     You know the look that passed between us after we realized what we were staring at.
     It was unbearable to contemplate dealing with those .. those . .. awful people again, but the next morning I e-mailed the Larceny, ah, Lumber Company from whom we'd purchased the units. A day later I received this reply:

     We have contacted Acme Window and Door and the door is out of warrantee.

     Um, okay, but what does the warranty say?


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