May 16, 2011

Tweet This, Baby!

Hoard's Dairyman (@HoardsDairyman) is now following your tweets (@pwpendleton) on Twitter.

There almost aren't words to convey how cool I think that is. I've been reading Hoard's Dairyman since ... since before I could read. I found hours of entertainment in those pages. Chicago cheese markets intrigued as only a child can imagine a bazaar of gaily-tented stalls and people haggling over exotic foods. Yeah, I know, but it was wonderful imagery.

But unlike the reality of cheese markets, the glossy cover has stayed true. Those beautiful letters are still framed with bold red trim, and I smell my Grandfather's wintergreen lifesavers when I see an issue. I hear chains rattling in the barn, and I remember running down the path to find him.

When I was just a little bit older and had my own heifers I had my very own subscription. It was the first periodical to come, just for me, and I wore the hinges out on the mailbox checking for it.

Thirty years later Hoard's is following me on Twitter, and it's cracking me up. In all the right ways.


  1. Oh, Pav! Thanks! Not adorable, just sappy sentimental. xox

  2. Gee... if only Uncle Scrooge & Huey,Dewey, & Louie would follow me on Twitter. Then I'd be as happy as you!
    Betty,Veronica, Archie, Reggie, Jughead... where are all my guys, huh?

  3. That's beautiful, Paige. You've come full circle.

  4. I know, Pamela ! And I am laughing at the possibilities.

    Thanks so much, Darrell. Such wonderful memories, which I'd been neglecting. I am grateful they were refreshed today.

  5. I love your style! So glad we met on Twitter!

  6. Thanks, Susan! Me, too! Smashing shoes!