Aug 31, 2011

Nob, Midgard Serpent of Penobscot Bay


Without warning she dove ahead of Jack, reared out of the water and threw her arms wide, obstructing his path as a triangular head broke the surface.
It was that of a dragon, with horns decorating its thick brow, and heavily lidded eyes. As its serpentine body rose from the depths one could see wing-like fins on its sides.
Jack froze, and Ringo backed toward Willow and Flora. Rob leapt from Sargent’s back and ran into the water.
Baelhar and two Elves materialized above Jack, swords drawn.
Meg kept her hands in the air, shielding Jack from the dragon. She waved one behind her, indicating everyone should be still. “What brings you inland, Mighty Nob?” she asked the beast.
“The seas are unsettled. Strife comes this way,” it said. When it spoke the words rolled together in a deep rumble.
“You can’t stay in the River,” she said. “You’ll be seen.”
“I cannot stay in the Bay. Who is it you shield?” He stretched his neck trying to see beyond her.
Jack tensed, but stayed still.
“Humans who are aware. Camedon won’t thank you for hurting them, or any others.”
The dragon snorted. “I don’t eat humans. Nasty things.”

Illustration by Thomas Block

Book II of The Black Ledge Series


  1. Thanks. It is an excerpt from Book II of The Black Ledge series, The Keeper and the Alabaster Chalice.

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  4. I must say Nob, being the curious creature he is, should watch out for being so sarcastic...

  5. I want the book as soon as it comes out!