Nov 5, 2011

I am Proud of America

Guest blog post by Frances Pendleton (gr. 8). Frances' essay has been selected to be read at the Veteran's Day Assembly at Camden Rockport Middle School.

I am Proud of America 

by Frances Pendleton

America is a country to be proud of.  The red, white, and blue.  The stars and stripes.  Our flag isn’t just colors and shapes, it is a symbol of freedom, respect, equal rights, and justice.  When people all over the world look at our flag they think the same thing.  People know America and Americans will fight and die to help them, keep them safe, give them equal rights, shelter, food, water, and education.  I am proud of my country because of what we stand for, the differences we have made, and the improvements we are working toward for the future.
Even before America was a country, it and its people stood for freedom.  Americans fought and died so they could say their own pledge, and pray to whoever they wanted to every night.   In 235 years America has changed, and we have given equal rights to all our citizens.  We no longer have slavery, women and African Americans are considered equal and can vote , and we recently elected the first black President.  235 years later we are still fighting for the same thing, but for other people all over the world.
In the past, America has given much to other countries.  Haiti and Japan have both suffered horrible disasters and America was there to help. We gave them more than we had, risked the health of volunteers, and the time and services of our soldiers and doctors.  I am proud of this because we put those countries first and asked for nothing in return.
Even in my school, the qualities of America shows.  We have food drives, pet food drives, toys for tots, and many other ways to give to the community.  I believe my school is so caring because they are watching what their country is doing.  America has many organizations that are trying to solve the many issues of the world.  America isn’t only making a difference, it is inspiring others to care and take action as well.
America may not be perfect, but it is pretty close.  I know that whatever my country is doing, it is trying to help.  The things we have done in the past, what we are doing in the present, and what we are working towards for the future are things to be proud of.  I am proud to say that I’m an American.

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