Feb 16, 2014

The Red Paint People

     Elves?  Dwarves?  Vampires?  We don't have Vampires* in Maine.
     What are you talking about, Paige Pendleton?
     I'm used to the strange looks, but it's all true, and the story begins long, long ago.  In the time of the Red Paint People.  

     The Red Paint People were a tribe of indigenous people who lived on the coasts of  New England and Atlantic Canada regions of North America thousands of years ago.  
     The name The Red Paint People arose from their use of Red Ochre to decorate their belongings, and themselves. They decorated tools, clothing, and the bodies of their dead in burial preparation. 
      The Red Paint People were bold seafarers. Swordfish bones discovered in archaeological sites tell us they were navigating deep and treacherous waters in the Atlantic. Thousands of years ago, in canoes.

      And here's where the plot thickens. Archaeological excavations in Norway have unearthed tools and belongings with similar red marks/patterns to those discovered on the coast of Maine. Eerily similar red markings. Other clues point to trans-Atlantic travel. Rune Stones in North America that date long before the defined Viking Age.  A breed of domestic cat (the Maine Coon) shares DNA with the Norwegian Forest Cat. Strong similarities between some Native American and Ancient Norse myths suggest they gathered around the same campfire more than once.  


     Did Elves and Dwarves stow away on one of the return trips to Maine?  It appears they did. 

     Our story then takes a darker turn, as things tend to do on the coast of Maine, but our Once upon a time began in a land far, far away

*Technically, they are Noctivagi, not Vampires.  The differences are subtle, but...

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Our story then takes a darker turn, as things tend to do on the coast of Maine ... 

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