May 24, 2012

Excerpt, UnattendeAd

Excerpt, Unattendead:

     “WHO ran over my ROSE BUSH?” Mrs. Eikenbury’s voice thundered up the stairs.
      Dell looked at Miles.“Uh-oh.”
      Miles grinned. “She has a big voice for such a small woman.” Then added, “It’s all about projection.”
      Dell went out to the landing and called down to her mother, “Someone looking for Dad. I think it has to do with the body in the carriage house.”
     “There’s a body in the carriage house?” Mrs. Eikenbury asked, calmer. Everyone in the family knew what that meant.
     “Yep. Dad should be home soon. He had a removal at Endaline, but he didn’t think he’d be long.” 
     “Alright. I’m going to start dinner. Damn. I loved that rose bush. This was its best year yet. It isn’t easy getting Rosa Wandering Jew established.”


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  2. Thank you, Deirdra! I am a fan of your blog as well! It's magnifique!