Apr 22, 2011

My Hero


     A man among men, he's a champion for the downtrodden and overwhelmed. He rides alone, few brave enough to join him on his quest.
     His arrival heralds salvation from misery and despair. He swings from his mount, accepting his duty with somber humility.  A gentle smile reassures all will be righted, and the sufferers will be delivered from the evil oppression.  Hope warms my frozen heart.
     Bravely he battles an enemy which has grown to formidable proportions. Time stands still in this ageless battle of good versus evil, but he prevails.
     My soul rejoices and hope springs anew.
     He casts a jaunty salute to the adoring crowd and swings back onto his perch. No rest for the weary--another tired soul awaits him, but the world is a better place. My garbage is gone.


  1. Love it! Come to think about it, one of the garbage collectors I've seen recently is pretty hot...

    Stopping by for Follow Friday--hope you're well. I've got links to two author sites who've helped me quite a bit. http://fateandfaith-julee.blogspot.com/2011/04/follow-friday-your-best-search.html

  2. Does this hero have a name, or contact information, phone number, FB account? I'd love to find me one of those :) I loved it. Hope you have a great weekend, Paige!

  3. HaHaHa! I thought it would be the plumber!

  4. Where would we be without this unsung hero? I love it!