Apr 6, 2011

Have You Hugged Your Butter Knife Today?

We all know the wheel changed history, but I'm pretty sure there wouldn't have been a wheel without a butter knife. Or butter flint. Or whatever.

The butter knife is an unsung hero, and it gets the shaft. There isn't an inventor or tinkerer, or otherwise noteworthy person, who did not have an intimate relationship with their butter knife.

I know Ben Franklin embraced his butter knife. Hedy Lamarr used one developing a "Secret Communications System" to help combat the Nazis in World War II, and she looked good doing it, too.

I'm no Ben Franklin, or Hedy Lamarr (alas), but I recognize greatness when I see it, and the butter knife is, far and away, the most versatile tool in one's arsenal. And, as any person who regularly uses tools knows, findability is key. It's never lost because you have seven more!

I've screwed screws. Pried paint can lids. Fished toast from the toaster(tip - unplug the toaster). Removed coins and caps from the vacuum nozzle. Spackled putty. Cleaned spark plugs. Lifted flat things with a fine seam. Spliced wire. Mixed accelerants. Tested cakes. Dug dandelions. Weeded stone paths. Fixed glasses. Banged things. Propped things. Spread things. Stirred things. Shaved things. Eaten things.

Rounded end, pointed tip? Sculpted handle or pistol grip? Vive la Butter Knife!


  1. Paige, you have given me a new apreciation for the butter knife...Although it is not very good at scaring off an attacker, unless they laugh to death as you wave a butter knife at them.

  2. Thanks, CG - I drive my husband bananas "fixing" things.

  3. LOL I love that you did a whole post on the butter knife...and I have some new ideas for uses now!

  4. I love my butter knife. I love the name of my butter knife.

  5. I once dispatched a particularly nasty imp, who had invaded my broom closet, with a dull butter knife.

    It was an epic battle but in the end I prevailed and held his severed head high in triumph the knife covered with the green blood and gore of the little bastard.

    Said knife is currently on display at the Smithsonian alongside the imp's head.

    Wonderful blog post, Paige. NOW GO WRITE YOUR BOOK!

  6. I hope while doing all that stuff with your butter knife at some point it got washed or but in the dish washer! :) lol