Jul 16, 2013

Book Blast Excerpt I

June 16, Excerpt 

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A New Home, Old Secrets

Flora glanced wistfully out the window. “I wish we could go outside.”
Rob said, “We can. Tomorrow. Let’s go back down to the library and check the fire. I promised Flora I’d finish the chapter we were reading,”
He headed back through the doorway to the main part of the house. Jack and Flora followed and Eleanor brought up the rear. As she reached to shut off the hall light, she paused to examine the old two-button switch. She played with it for a moment, pushing the buttons off, and then on, their action interesting. As she turned the light on again, she caught a quick movement out of the corner of her eye.
She turned, but nothing was there. A shadow from the wind moving branches outside the window? Must’ve been.
She clicked the light off and hurried to catch her brothers and sister.

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