Jul 11, 2013

The Keeper and the Rune Stone, Trivia and Factoids

The Keeper and the Rune Stone Trivia and Factoids 

+ Patters, like all Maine Coon Cats, shares DNA with the Norwegian Forest Cat.

+ Some Algonquin Indians have DNA from Northern Europe.

+ Many New England Native American legends share similarities with Norse legends, suggesting Norse interaction very early on.

How did these things come to be?    

+ The Red Paint People were a tribe of people who lived in New England and Canada between 2000 and 7000 years ago. Their name originated with their practices of using Red Ochre to decorate tools and belongings, and the bodies of their dead when they buried them. 

+ Archaeological sites have been uncovered in New England and Atlantic Canada. One of the sites, the Turner Farm site is on North Haven, in Penobscot Bay.

+ These sites hold evidence, such as swordfish bones and barbed hooks, which suggest they developed deep-water navigational skills and were avid seafarers. 

+ There is some evidence that raises questions about Trans-Atlantic travel by these people.  Archaeological sites have been discovered in Norway with almost identical Red Ochre markings/decorations on tools and other artifacts.

What this has to do with The Black Ledge Series:

+ The Elves and Dwarves in The Black Ledge series are Beings straight from Norse Mythology who followed the Red Paint people back to the Maine coast.  Light Elves in Norse mythology are Ljósálfar, and their kingdom is Álfheimr. Dwarves, or Dark Elves, are Dökkálfar and their kingdom is below ground, Dökkálfaheimr.  It is appropriate to note that Light and Dark refer to their kingdoms. 

Landmarks in The Keeper and the Rune Stone:

+  The house on Black Point, Black Ledge, is, as described, a real house on Islesboro Maine. It has been the home of fascinating people (including the author), and also been the setting of scenes in Sidney Sheldon's Master of the Game.  

+ Maiden's Cliff, as mentioned in The Black Ledge series,  is on Mount Megunticook in Camden Hills State Park.  It is easily recognizable by the white cross standing atop an impressive 800-foot cliff.  The cross is a memorial to Elenora French, an 11-year old girl who fell off the cliff on May 7, 1864. Maiden's Cliff has a touching history of community-inspired maintenance of the memorial, and also a tangled history of tragic events.  

+ Camden Hills State Park is a vast 5,700-acre park with 30 miles of hiking trails. Mount Megunticook is the highest peak on the Atlantic seaboard. 
+ The Älvkors, or Elf Cross, is not the only star in the Camden Hills. Each Christmas season a star is mounted on the turret atop Mount Battie in Camden Hills State Park. The star is lit the evening after Thanksgiving and remains erected and lit each night until New Years Day. Bob Oxton climbs Mount Battie each night and starts the generator which illuminates the star. Neither rain, sleet, or snow have thwarted Bob - he's not missed a night in 40+ years. 

+ Favorite music for conjuring scenes: 

            Gnossienne No.3 by Erik Satie

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