Oct 18, 2011

Mother told me there'd be days like these


    October.  Busy time of year. Deadlines, deadlines, deadlines. Dead. Lines. I just process 'em - I have a friend who deals with the ones who go over the wall. 
     Dead.    Lines.
     Lost souls get backed up if you don't stay right on top of them. This one isn't happy with where they are going. That one has unfinished business. blah blah blah. The whining gets to you. Now serving number 8,936, 472, 785. Next.
     Days like this I need an assistant but good help is so hard to find. Most applicants see the position as a stepping stone, and corporate sabotage is always a concern. Some would lift your best spells and curses, some are just using you to climb the corporate ladder - they don't know the back door is at the top. Some have aspirations of Disney. Not everyone is a Sabrina but they don't want to hear the truth.

     My left arm for a Renfield. Yeah, he had a few problems, needed occasional stroking and fresh blood, but all in all he was a loyal employee fulfilled by his career choice.

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